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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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                 EFT  is  " Much More than just Tapping " 

Tapping is just "one" 
of numerous EFT Techniques 

You can even perform EFT
"without Tapping"

( click here for list of EFT Ttechniques )

 It is very important that you understand this because many people think  that Tapping is EFT.   But tapping is just one small part of EFT.

 Although you can often achieve impressive and rapid results by just tapping on the meridian points, these results tend to be temporary.  This is similar to taking an aspirin for a headache.  Each time you have a headache, you take an aspirin and the headache goes away for a while. When the headache returns you take another aspirin and the headache goes away again temporarily.    Since you are not getting to the root cause of the headaches, you have to continue taking  an aspirin.

However, if you find the root cause of the headaches you can then address it and then you will no longer have headaches and you will no longer have to take an aspirin.

It is the same way with EFT.  You use EFT to  find the root cause in order for the change to be permanent.


Temporary Relief = Use only the Tapping

Permanent Relief = Use all the Techniques & Components of EFT to Locate and treat the the root cause.

Example A:
Symptom - Headaches
Temporary Solution - Take an aspirin 
Permanent Solution -  
   1) Find the Root Cause- which is an allergic 
       reaction to almonds.
   2) Stop eating almonds.

Example B:
Symptom - client has been having panic attacks all his life but now they are becoming more frequent and intense.

Temporary Solution - Tap on the symptom which is panic attacks. Also tap during the actual panic attacks.

Permanent Solution -   

1) Apply the numerous Techniques and components from EFT to find the (core issues) root cause or causes of the Panic attacks.

 -In this example the root cause was a very difficult childhood. Parents cared well for him and his siblings.  They always had, food, a nice home in a safe neighborhood, private schools expensive vacations, etc.   But the parents were were always yelling and screaming at them.  They would get hit all the time.  They never knew when it was coming. They were always hyper vigilant waiting for the next slap, punch, beating or yelling.  The parents were constantly criticizing them, and never had any positive kind words.   

2) using various specific EFT techniques identify several Events tied to  this core issue.   
- Example of one Event
- one day when I was 15 years old I arrived home 20 minutes late from school and my father was waiting for me with his belt in hand. He then beat me with the belt while yelling at me about the importance of being responsible.  

- Example of another event- when I was 7 years old, I came home with my report card and when my father saw that I had a received a "C" in math class, he hit me with his fist on the head and told me how disappointed he was in me.  It was a total shock.  I didn't see it coming. I didn't expect it.

- You then select one of these events.
- Using EFT, you then find all the Aspects tied to this specific event.  You then tap on all the aspects ( one by one ). You tap until all the intensity has gone down to a level zero for every single aspect for this specific event.

- Using EFT, you test and retest to make sure you found all the aspects. If you find any remaining aspects, you tap on each one until his intensity reaches a level zero.


-You continue to do this for several more events.  One event at a time until you have collapsed enough events from the original core issue, that his panics attacks are now gone permanently.

RECAP - EFT Process for permanent results:

Symptom- Panic Attacks

1- Use specific EFT Techniquies to Locate Core Issue(s) - ( Root Causes )
2- Identify specific Events for this Core Issue
3 -Pick one Event and identify all the Aspects for this specific Event. Use specific EFT techniques to find all the aspects for this event.

4- Using specific EFT techniques along with the Tapping  TAP on all the Aspects for this specific event until the intensity of each Aspects is a Zero.  

5- Test and re-test to make sure you found all of the Aspects pertaining to this specific Event and that all have a zero intensity remaining.

6- Pick another event pertaining to this core issue and repeat steps 3 to 5.   

This is just to give you an idea of the EFT process without even listing the EFT Techniques used to locate the core issues, events, and aspects.


 I hope you now understand that there are times that you need to apply the other  EFT techniques and components in order to achieve deeper and permanent results.

If all you know is the tapping, then you might only be able to achieve temporary results...( like an aspirin) or no results at all.   When this happens, people think that EFT doesn't work, when in reality they are Not performing EFT, they are simply performing Tapping.





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