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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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Years of intense Pain -  Gone in One Session
   ( pain from numerous surgeries ) completely gone in just one session.

I  love sharing this story, because it caught me completely  by surprise. Even though I have been using EFT for many years and have seen many  amazing and miraculous results, I was not expecting this one.

This client was a you women in her twenties.   She contacted me to see if I could help her with her extreme anger and also intense pain and pressure in her head..  She had received  numerous reconstructive surgeries since childhood due to a medical condition.

She had a scar going over the top and sides of her head ( from ear to ear ).  She also had several surgeries on both  hands.  Her left  hand was so tender and painful that she could not use it or even touch it.  These surgeries were several years old, so she had been in this condition for many years.

She asked if  EFT could help her with her anger and her pain. I explained that the  anger is usually easily resolved with EFT.
 As for the pain in her head and left hand, I expected that EFT could help to reduce it  because EFT reduces stress and stress usually increases pain. Therefore, by lowering the stress we would lower the pain.   However, I believed that there was a very strong reason to believe that the pain was the direct result of scarring or nerve damage from her surgeries.  I had no way of knowing how much we could affect her pain by using EFT.


We began by tapping on the pain and pressure in her head to give her a feel for EFT because she was not at all familiar with it.  . We then went to work on the core issues for her anger.  This led us to  performed EFT on several painful events from her childhood including a couple of  medical events which were very painful to her emotionally.   

When we met a week later for her second session, she explained that after our first session all the pressure and pain in her had head had disappeared. .  All the pain and sensitivity in her left hand had completely disappeared.  She began to tap strongly on  her left  hand  to demonstrate that she no longer had pain or sensitivity.  She also explained that she was now starting to use that hand and she felt it getting stronger.  She had never been able to use that hand after her surgery due to the intense pain.

Her results, after just one session, blew me away.  I truly thought the pain was due to nerve damage which is what I had always been taught.  I have worked on many people using EFT  and/ or  Massage to relieve and eliminate their pain.  But they always came to me to avoid surgery or medical intervention.  In this case, her pain  was caused by her numerous surgeries.  

          So try it on everything - no matter how medically valid the pain or condition appears to be.          

She contacted me almost a year after our two sessions and she told me that her life had been completely changed thanks to EFT.   Her anger has gone, she has developed closer relationships with family members.  Her entire outlook on life  has changed.  She now has dreams and hopes for the future and one of them is learning EFT and becoming an EFT practitioner.   

The funny thing about this story, is that I was blown away by the fact that her physical pain completely disappeared after the first session.  But for her the big thing was how much her life had changed.  She kept stressing  that the physical pain disappearing was nothing compared to how her life had changed an improved.  

 I do remember that when we first met, she felt very angry, sad, depressed and hopeless.  She felt very much like a victim of life.  But those two sessions, plus her continued use of EFT on herself, changed all that for her.  And now she is excited about life and the possibilities it holds for her.    Amazing !!!