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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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Migraines - Using EFT for Migraines.


This was my very first Pain case.  It was years ago, when I  was brand new to EFT and was still  in the process of studying it.

My client was a woman with persistent Migraines.  She had been to several doctors and hospitals and was unable to find any relief with any of the medical treatments or drugs they prescribed.  She had been experiencing these migraines non-stop for many months.

She was not at all familiar with EFT.

I began by tapping on her symptoms ( the pain on one side of her head). So she could get a feel for EFT.  After the first round of tapping, the pain moved to the other side of her head.  We did another round of tapping and the Pain moved back to the original side.  We did this a few times more and it just continued to jump back and forth from one side to the other.  The pain lever, would jump up and down by one or two points ( no Major difference ).  

I then proceeded to the next step.  I asked her several questions to see if she could identify an emotion tied to the migraines.  She could not.  I asked her when it began and what was happening in her life when it first began.  Was there anything difficult or stressful happening at the time that the migraines began.   She said no.  She said her life was great.  She had no problems. She was very happy. Etc.

At this point, I realized that there was not much more I could do.  She was not willing to open up and tapping on the physical symptoms was only reducing the pain by one or two points and just making the pain move from side to side.   I figured that I would never call her again.

A few days later, I received a phone call from her and she began to cry and explain to me what was really happening.  She explained that her husband had cheated on her.  She explained that she could not tell me that in our session because her husband was present.  ( Her husband was present during the session because he was translating. )  Our phone conversation was mixed with the little she could speak in English & Spanish & and the little I could understand in Italian.   Somehow we made it work.

 I asked her to tell me the story and to keep tapping while she talked.  She cried through the entire phone session.   This was perfect for EFT because she was tapping while she was completely tuned in to all theemotional  pain from her husband's betrayal.  And although we could not communicate in detail, I was able to tell her to repeat and tap when I heard her cry or become very emotional.  We did this for about an hour.  

 After our phone session, she began to experience noticeable relief  from her migraines.  We met again for another session in person.  Once again, her husband had to join us in the session so we could communicate.  I asked him to come only as a translator and not to give any feedback or respond to anything.  He did a great job.  I also instructed him to tap on himself as I tapped on his wife.  This would also help him with whatever he was feeling.

We used several techniques to find and tap on all the aspects related to this betrayal.  After this session, she began to experience extended periods of time without pain.  People at work began to tell her that her face looked very different.  She looked happier and relaxed.   ( When you are in pain, specially non-stop pain, your muscles tense up and it shows on your face and demeanor.)

We met again, in person for another session.  Her husband was our translator.  This time I was looking for any remaining aspects or core issues that had not been discovered in our previous sessions.  I was able to find a pattern between these migraines and the first set of migraines which she had experienced ten years earlier.  

It turns out, that these migraines were appearing whenever she had a very difficult and life-changing decision to make and she could not decide what to do.  This was the second time in her life that this had happened to her.   Currently, she had to decide whether or not to stay with her husband.  She had forgiven him. And she wanted desperately to stay with him.  The problem was that she did not know if she would be able to stay with him and to trust him again.  She wanted to stay, but she didn't know how to make it happen emotionally.

 We tapped on all the aspects that showed up with the discovery of this pattern and her migraines disappeared. 

Long Story Short - her migraines disappeared in just 3 live sessions and 1 phone session.  They would have probably disappeared in fewer sessions if we had spoken the same language and her husband had not needed to be present.