Lisa Daniel


Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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Experience a relaxing - Healing massage blended with EFT.  

I often use EFT  in my Massage Therapy & Bodywork  in order to help my clients release tension and pain.
Many times, physical pain is due to stress and repressed emotions. We are taught to suppress our emotions and not to show or express them.  If there is no outlet for this stress and emotional pain, it begins to accumulate and takes a toll on our body, health and psychological state. 
( Read book: " Healing Back Pain. The Mind Body Connection"  by Dr. John E. Sarno )

Through the years I found myself following my intuition and incorporating EFT into my normal massage work.  Not only did this  produce faster  and  longer lasting relief of physical pain,  I also noticed some  wonderful and unexpected results with other issues such as:

Feeling overwhelmed
Negative thoughts
Lack of Energy
Traumatic Memories
and more


 When scheduling your appointment for an EFT Massage, you will need to let me know the purpose and your expectations for this massage.  This will help me to  determine the appropriate length of time for the massage ( 60, 90 or 120 minutes).   It will also help me to determine if it is  the right course for your needs or if you require an EFT Session instead of the massage.

Sometimes we can do an actual EFT Session and then  a massage.   
Example: 60 minute  EFT Session with 60 minute massage
Example: 90 minute  EFT Session with 30 minute massage or vice versa. 

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All my EFT Massages are customized to my client's needs.  I do not have a routine.  I may use talking in some and complete silence in others. 

If you want to experience this wonderful blended work for yourself, call me to schedule your EFT Massage. 

Lisa Daniel  




Note: Not all issues are suitable for  an EFT Massage because I am limited to just a few of the techniques. I am not able to go digging for the root cause of your issues and to apply the more complex techniques.  I am also limited by the amount of EFT I can perform because I am also performing a massage.


EFT Massage

Some Client Cases...................

Insecurity about new job disappeared along with her headache and back pain in a 90 minute EFT Massage
  ( this was a combination of Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy and EFT

A new client called me for a massage for a headache, neck & back pain.  After the massage, she was elated.  All her pain had disappeared.  She felt relaxed and re-energized and she just could not believe how good she was feeling.  Then she cautiously asked me if it was possible for a massage to increase someone's self confidence.  She seemed almost afraid to ask me that question as though I would think she was crazy.  But I quickly replied, yes, it is absolutely possible because I included some EFT tapping in your massage. 

 I then explained what EFT was and she was fascinated.  She expressed  that she had been feeling very  insecure about her new job and after the massage all that had disappeared along with her headache and other pains.  She said she now felt extremely confident about her new job.  She felt like her old self once more.   ----   Again, I have to repeat, she was elated.

Now, as good as I like to think that my massage work is, I am quite sure that  her lack of confidence dissipated thanks to the EFT work that I included in her massage.  As for the headache and other pains,  well that is anyone's guess  --- could have been the massage, could have been the EFT or simply the combination of the two..

  She had mentioned to me before the massage that she was very stressed, but she did not mention anything about her job insecurity.  Also, I performed the EFT in complete silence.  I did not guide her to focus on anything.  I just blended  the tapping into the massage from head to toe while she was laying on the table face up and also face down. 


Cravings - Client decreases her sugar cravings dramatically after 60 minute EFT Massage ( this was a combination of full-body relaxation massage and EFT )
While performing a relaxation massage, she asked me about EFT and if it could help her with her cravings.  She wanted to decrease her cravings for sweets so she could enjoy the occasional chocolate or dessert  instead of overindulging on a daily basis.  So I added some EFT to her massage.  

While she was face up on the table, I asked her to close her eyes and focus on the sweets she loved. To focus on , how they smelled, how they tasted, what they felt like in her mouth, etc.  At the same time, I began to tap on some specific meridian points on her body.  We did this for about 10 minutes and then I continued with the massage for the remainder of the time. 

She called me a few days later and told me that her cravings had completely stopped after  the massage. She was now able to enjoy the occasional dessert and stop after a few bites.  She simply did not desire any more than a few bites.  She did not require any will power, the cravings were simply not there.





Insomnia & Anxiety -  These tend to go hand in hand.  I have many clients who suffer from both.  I simply incorporate EFT into their massage and it either puts them to sleep while on the table or right after I leave.   These are best scheduled for the evening. 




Detoxing from very dangerous drugs prescribed by her psychiatrist.

Client was experiencing intense anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia while while trying to come off these prescribed drugs.

We schedule her appointments at night. I blend a full-body massage, with a bit of foot reflexology, a great scalp massage and some EFT.  This is her favorite combination as it seems to always do the job.   It  leaves her completely relaxed no matter how bad she was feeling.    She either falls asleep on the table or right after I leave.




War Memory -  Veteran releases the pain from a very traumatic war memory. 

While receiving a deep tissue massage, he experienced a vivid and very painful memory of a fellow soldier dying in his arms while he was unable to do anything to save him.  He always felt intense grief and guilt over this tragic event. 

  At this point, I applied EFT which allowed him to cry, honor and release his pain. He was then able to remember it all  without feeling any guilt or pain over not being able to safe his life.   I then used the remaining time to continue the massage. 
 ( this began as a full-body deep tissue massage that turned into an  EFT  Massage )



Stress, Anger, Sadness... - Many clients schedule a massage and then begin to talk about their problems.  They simply need to get it out. When this happens, I apply EFT  while they are talking then continue with the massage.

If I feel that their problem is too much to be handled during a massage, then  I may ask them to breathe deeply while I do the EFT.  This stops them from talking and focusing more deeply on their problems.   After the massage, I might recommend that they schedule an appointment for an EFT Session  (with NO massage ) in order to help them find relief for their issues.

Each application of EFT is unique.  EFT is a very intuitive and skilled process that is applied according to  the client's situation at that moment.