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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

List of some of the techniques, components and tools comprising EFT

EFT  is  " Much More than Tapping " 

Meridian Tapping   -  EFT is Much More than Tapping
Tapping is the most well known technique of all the EFT Techniques.    In fact, many people think that EFT and Tapping are the same thing.  As you can see from the list posted below, tapping is just one of  numerous techniques and components comprising EFT - 
 ( Emotional Freedom Technique
s )

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List of some of the techniques, components and tools comprising EFT

- A -Additional Tapping Points 
Apex Effect
Art of Delivery

Aspects  ( Finding, Clearing & Testing )

- B -
Basic Recipe  - Specific Energy Meridian Points based on Chinese Medicine
Being Specific
Being Global
Beliefs  - Finding & eliminating Limiting Beliefs
Borrowing Benefits

- C -
Chasing the Pain
Core Issues
Constricted Breathing Technique
Cognitive Shifts  
Collarbone Breathing

- D -
Daisy Chain
Discovery Statement

- E - 
Eye Movement
Eye Rolling
EFT in Public  - How to do EFT in public without anyone noticing.

- F -
Forest & Trees Analogy

- H -


- L - 
Long Distance EFT

- M -
Movie Technique 


- N - 
9 Gamut Technique

- O - 
One minute miracle
100% Overhaul Concept


- P -
Personal Peace Procedure
Polarity Reversal
Pounding on the Table
Psychological Reversal

- R -
Rapport - ( Establishing Rapport )
Reminder Phrase



- S -
Setup Phrase
Sneaking up on the issue
Shifting Aspects
Specific Events
Scale SUDS & VOC  ( Subjective Units of Disturbance Scale  & Validity Of Cognition Scale )
Somatic Sensations & Releases
Surrogate EFT 


- T -
Table & Table Legs Concept 
Tail Enders
Tapping - Imagine the Tapping
Tapping Privately while in Public
Tapping Points to Avoid During Pregnancy
Tapping & Ranting 
Tearless Trauma Technique
Tell the Story Technique
Testing your work, over and over again to remove any remaining intensity, aspects,triggers, etc.
Touch and Breath
Toxins - Energy Toxins

- W -
 Writings on your wall  ( identifying the writing on your walls and clearing them )


- Miscellaneous - 

Minimizing Pain  ( Tapping Globally - Taking the Edge off - Tearless Trauma Technique )

Doing EFT Through you and not by you

How to use EFT for PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

How to use EFT for Phobias

How to use EFT for Anxiety and Panic Attacks

How to use EFT for Physical Pain

How to use EFT on Diseases

How to use EFT for Grief & Loss

 How to use EFT for Cravings and Addictions

How to use EFT on Children

How to use EFT on Pets

How to use EFT Long Distance or on the Phone

these are some but not all....


Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations are used completely differently in EFT.  They are used to locate and to clear  the Tail Enders, Writings on the Wall and corresponding Core Issues. Once cleared, the affirmations can then be incorporated.  

Many practitioners are using Affirmations incorrectly.  They are using affirmations before the tail enders and corresponding core issues have be found and cleared.  

Example:  If your true belief is that  women are not equal to men or not as intelligent as men, there is no point in repeating the Affirmations - 
  " I am equal to a man"  or  " I am just as intelligent as a man".  

You can not force your subconscious mind to change a belief that has been programmed into it simply by repeating a positive affirmation which is being received by the Conscious mind and not the Subconscious mind. 

In order for a Positive affirmation to truly take hold and become your new programming ( your new reality ), you must first clear that negative programming in your subconscious mind.   Once you clear it, then you can insert a new program using positive affirmations. 

I think that many practitioners do not grasp the importance of this EFT process. It could be that they have a limited knowledge of EFT.  ( many people believe that they know EFT simply because they know the Tapping Points.)   Others may simply ignore it because they are afraid to lose their clients if they focus on the real core issues which the client may want to avoid.