Lisa Daniel


Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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EFT - Groups & Workshops & Training

If you would like to be notified 
when an  EFT Group, 
Workshop or Training
is available

 please call me at  786-239-8990
with  your contact information
  and I will notify you as soon as 
one is scheduled.

Private Group Training / Workshops

Private Groups 

 If you would like to start your own private group with several friends or coworkers, please contact me.  I will be happy to design it based on your needs.  Rate will depend on Location, duration and the number of people.


Original EFT Certification by Gary Craig, Creator of EFT


PRIVACY- within a group setting  
You will never be pushed to share or repeat your personal issues  out loud.   We can each tap together in a group on our own individual issues without having to say them out loud.   You are  welcome to say them out loud, but not obligated to do so.   

There are times, when I will ask everyone to repeat exactly what I am saying, simply for training purposes.  But I will also guide the group on how to perform EFT on their individual issues.





Original EFT Certification by Gary Craig, Creator of EFT


NCBTMB - National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

ma51463, mm7133
National Certification Board of  Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork