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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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My Experience & Training

 I have successfully used EFT with many people to help them relieve or eliminate 
a variety of conditions & issues such as the ones listed below:

NOTE:  Please remember that the Key to long lasting, permanent relief with EFT is to Locate and work on the Core Issues, specific Events for these core issues and all the Aspects for each specific event.  Simply Tapping on the symptoms or while repeating prewritten Tapping Scripts found online or in many books will not produce profound or permanent results.

Stress, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

Cravings for Food, coffee, sodas, etc.

     Rapid Relief of Cigarette Cravings in first session
         - Nicotine Addiction & Psychological habit

Physical Pain 
     migraines, headaches, frozen shoulder,  back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, 
     wrist & arm pain, tendonitis, etc.
Physical Pain 
     migraines, headaches, frozen shoulder,  back pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, 
     wrist & arm pain, tendonitis, etc.

Limited Range of Motion
     able to improve or restore range of motion & movement

Calm & Peaceful Mind

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  
( sexual & physical abuse, violence, auto accidents, etc. )

Fears & Phobias 
Public speaking 
   Social anxiety 
   Bugs, (roach, grasshoppers )
   Driving on Expressway
   Test Anxiety
   Being Touched

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Betrayals, Breakups & Divorces
I've worked with teens and adults in helping them to relief the pain & trauma of betrayals, cheating,  breakups. 

The end of a relationship requires a grieving process like any other loss in your life.  EFT can help reduce the intensity and duration of the grieving process. 


Calm & Peaceful Mind

More Energy 

Better Sleep

Drooping eyelid 
     This person had a severely drooping eyelid ( one eye only) since childhood.  It is now fully open after gently working on several Painful & Traumatic issues of  childhood sexual abuse & violence. 

Confidence - Self-esteem, self- worth, self- respect, 
    Many clients begin to experience confidence and self-esteem after working on 
     a few significant emotional & traumatic events.   There is no need for 
     behavior modification or training.  It simply happens on its own as some of the  
     painful & traumatic issues are gently released.  


Worrying ( excessive worrying - non-stop thinking)

Stress &  Anxieties
EFT  is very effective for Stress & Anxieties.  In most cases, it can provide immediate relief  of your stress or anxieties.

 In other instances, you may require more work depending on the causes of your anxiety.  For example, anxiety over taking a test will normally take less time to clear than anxiety over childhood abuse.

Relaxation -seems to be a Side Effect regardless of what we work on
   Everyone always reports feeling very relaxed at the end of our sessions, regardless of  the issues that we were working on.  Many clients often, report that they were able to sleep very well after their session. 

   Others report feeling energized, happy, relieved, some even find closure, understanding & forgiveness for past Traumas, conflicts and emotions.

Fatigue & Low Energy
Many report increased energy and much less fatigue.

 Migraines & Headaches: 
  One of my clients had been experiencing continuous migraines for over ten years & in between these migraines, she would have strong headaches.  She had been to several Doctors and  had tried every medication possible but nothing worked.  She had even gone to the Emergency room at the hospital and had received injections for her migraine, but it did not work.

  This was very debilitating and was affecting her family life and her work.  Some episodes were so bad that she had to stay in bed for days.

We were able to eliminate these migraines / headaches within 4  sessions.    As a side benefit, she noticed that  her allergies also began to subside in intensity.  She was also more relaxed and happy.  Even her coworkers noticed a change in her appearance and demeanor.

   Emphysema,& restricted breathing from stress & worries.



Sadness & Depression

Obsessive thoughts & worries & fears

Excessive Sweating

Low Self Esteem

Rage & anger
   Unable to forgive / wanting to forgive, but not knowing how to forgive some very painful betrayals.  ( cheating spouse, family betrayals, etc. )



 Certified  EFT Practitioner
 Official Certification by Gary Craig, founder of EFT  www.emofree.com 


Lisa Daniel                     786-239-8990                   English  &  Espa?ol

Services are available: in person, by phone, via skype.  

B.by appointment only.

Free 15 minute Phone Consultation



While EFT and other Energy Therapies in this website have produced remarkable clinical results, they must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. This Website is not intended as a substitute for the medical recommendations of physicians or other health-care providers. Rather, it is intended to offer information to help the reader cooperate with physicians and health professionals in a mutual quest for optimum well-being.



Gary Craig has asked all EFT practitioners to include the following disclaimer on all our websites and training materials.  The reason for this is that a lot of people are claiming to be teaching and performing EFT, but in reality are not doing it correctly.  Some are not fully trained and only know a bit of EFT.  Others have blended some EFT with other things but still call it EFT.  Others have watered down the EFT process to one-size fits all tapping. The worse offenders have turned it into a multi level marketing and money making machine at the expense of EFT and the people learning from them.  For this reason Gary has asked that the following statement be posted on our materials.  If you do not see this in the websites or training materials of other practitioners than it is a reason for concern.

Disclaimer:  The information provided on this website is a good faith effort to expand the use of EFT and other energy therapies to the world. This web page represents my ideas and does not necessarily represent those of Gary Craig or EFT. Complete understanding of EFT and the EFT training videos are available at www.emofree.com

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