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Certification by Gary Craig,  EFT founder

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  Please excuse the mess.  This page is still  Under Construction.  

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I found that most other techniques, would stir up memories,  emotions, anxiety, crying depression, fear, etc.  And then the person would be left to handle it on their own.    

 The worst part is that this is done without  warning the client that this could and most likely would happen.  

I have an issue with this type of practice.   I don't feel it is ethical nor safe to do this without prior "Informed Consent".

To make matters worse,  they don't even provide them with tools to control or lessen these intense and often debilitating side-effects.


With EFT, I am able to teach my clients how to apply  EFT on themselves when they need to lessen or eliminate any intense emotions or physical symptoms.

While EFT can be used to go safely and gently into a deep  issue and to dissolve it, it can also be easily  (self-applied) to Lessen the intensity of anything that feels bad ( anxiety, pain, sadness, fear, etc.)

This is a SELF- HELP Tool that my clients will have for the rest of their lives.


About me...

I have to begin by saying that I absolutely love my work.  I get to help people feel better and transform their lives.  It doesn't get any better than that!

... and to Gary  "thank you" for developing EFT and sharing it so generously with the world.  You allow miracles to happen every day.  What an incredible gift.

the beginning....

I  have always been fascinated by the ability of the human body to heal itself and I've spent many years searching for a way to guide this self-healing process at will.  

     After studying and practicing different mind-body & energy healing techniques, I found several that produced varying degrees of success.  Some worked well once or twice, but they were unpredictable and rarely reproducible in a way that I found satisfactory & dependable.  I was looking  for a method that worked all of the time or at least most of the time.  I wanted a healing method that would produce dependable and quick healing results. And I wanted the results to be obvious, not just something to be interpreted or guessed at.  Either it worked or it didn't, but it needed to be obvious, dependable, quick and safe.

Well, needless to say, that I found what I was looking for when I ran into EFT.  I started using it and it kept working time after time.  I was so impressed that I ordered all of Gary's training materials and absorbed them.  I sat for hundreds of  hours watching and re-watching all his training library which consists of  (69 DVDs plus a few additional CDs).

  I spent hundreds of  hours viewing his DVD's, CDs and reading and re-reading his manual plus studying everything I could find on his website. 

I felt like "a fish in water".  It clicked for me.  It all made sense.  I was able to put it to use right away and help many people, even when I was just starting out.    

my work with eft....

I have now been practicing EFT  personally and  professionally since 2006.  I find it to be very rewarding.  I have been able to help many people change their lives in small and in "huge" ways.  

I've worked with clients who had spent years going to traditional talk therapy (psychotherapy, counseling)  without getting sufficient relief or resolution to their problems.  And yet with a few EFT sessions they were able to accomplish in hours, days, weeks or in a couple of months what they were unable to accomplish in all their years of traditional talk therapies.   And the best part is that they were able to do it safely without being re-traumatized or having to suffer through the release process.

The reason for these incredible and safe results is that EFT releases the cause of the problems ( energy blocks).  As these blocks are removed, it rebalances their Energy System and their Autonomic Nervous system.  (I'll be posting more information on these systems in the future.)  When these systems are balanced, they are able to self-regulate and handle everyday stress and problems in a gentle and easy way.  

When these systems are not in balance, our everyday problems and stress accumulate and just keep getting bigger and bigger.   It's like a pressure cooker without the ability to release steam.  Eventually it will just blow up.  But when these systems are in balance, pressure is released as needed and everything is ok because they are now able to self-regulate.

EFT does not seek to give advice or to modify behavior, it simply releases the cause of the unwanted behavior & emotions( fears, panic, pain, stress, flashbacks, PTSD, cravings, etc.)  As a result,  these painful and unwanted behaviors and emotions simply disappear and  people begin to think more clearly and calmly.  For someone, who has been abused since childhood, this may be the first time that they have experienced peaceful, calm thoughts.  It may even be the first time that they have felt "safe".  It becomes a whole new world to them.   (In the future, I will include more information about this as well as comments from clients.)

Not all EFT cases are as life changing.  Most people come to reduce their stress and anxiety, or to release some phobias, pain or to Quit Smoking.  However, when I have an opportunity to work with someone diagnosed with PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) the effects can be life changing and transforming.

 As a Nationally Certified Bodyworker, I also offer Massage Therapy in my practice. ( www.relaxrevive.com )  I use different forms of massage to relief or eliminate pain and also to help induce relaxation.  However, there have been many times where massage will not release the tight contracted muscles or the pain.  The reason for this is that the cause of the muscle tension and resulting pain is due to emotional factors and not physical ones.  As a result, the person will not improve or may only find temporary relief from massage or even medication.  However, once EFT is used to release the energy blocks that caused the emotional factors involved in creating the pain, then the muscles will release and the pain will go away.  I also offer a blend of EFT and Massage...click here for information

EFT is very powerful.  And I am grateful, in every moment of my life, that Gary has so generously shared EFT,  allowing many of us to continue changing people's lives with small and huge miracles.

 You can go to Gary's official website  www.emofree.com and download the free manual.  However, if you have issues that you feel require more experienced and skilled EFT work, please call me for a free consultation.

There are times and situations that require the help of an experienced & skilled EFT practioner to guide you gently, safely and quickly through your process.



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